Roller Blinds

ROLLER BLINDS – Resthouse in Tagaytay City

One of our clients who owns a resthouse in Tagaytay City wants a refreshing and light colored window treatment. So we gave blinds that gives sheer shade, neutral colors of roller blinds like white and beige. They can only regulate the light entering the room, without totally blocking it. It is an advantage if you had a beautiful scenery outside.

Roller Blinds Installed in a Resthouse in Tagaytay City


ROLLER BLINDS – Italiani’s Restaurant

Blinds for hotels and restaurants should not only be functional but stylish too, creating a welcoming ambiance.  Here in this pasta restaurant, our client chose to have a sophisticated and stylish environment, yet brings a feeling of being at home with family and friends.

Roller Blinds Installed in Italiani's Greenbelt
Roller Blinds Installed in Italiani’s Greenbelt


Roller Blinds – Italiani’s MOA

Restaurants in malls are usually plain and simple. Here in this restaurant, the owner chose a color that gives good ventilation of light and a clean ambiance.

Roller Blinds in Italiani’s MOA

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