Roman Shades

Go Direct Enterprise Roman Shade features a tailored styling that gives your window a smooth silhouette with the exact amount of sunlight you desire.

Light filtering, with a non-woven backing for enhanced privacy

Breakaway lift cords on back of shade are inaccessible and child-safe.

Auto-locking cord lock allows easy positioning of shade at any height.



Roman Shades 02 (6350815)
Roman Shades 02 (6350815)
Roman Shades7
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
Roman Shades5
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)
roman shades 4
Roman Shades 02 (6359815)


6 thoughts on “Roman Shades

  1. Good PM. How much is your roman shades with cascading folds? I have a fabric which I wanted to use for the blind sana. Kindly pm in my email ID. Thanks!

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