ROLLER BLINDS – TAGAYTAY July 2012 Installation

ROLLER BLINDS – TAGAYTAY July 2012 Installation

One of our clients who owns a resthouse in Tagaytay City wants a refreshing and light colored window treatment. So we gave blinds that gives sheer shade, neutral colors of roller blinds like white and beige. They can only regulate the light entering the room, without totally blocking it. It is an advantage if you had a beautiful scenery outside.

roller tag1

roller tag2

roller tag3

roller tag4



6 thoughts on “ROLLER BLINDS – TAGAYTAY July 2012 Installation

  1. I like the solar shades, look like around a 7% openness. The look is really nice and goes well with the décor and you are definitely right, with scenery like that, you want to allow it in. I also like the neutral street side appearance, it goes well with the outside of the home!

    Shades are a great addition and can be combined with another shade, i.e. a dual shade, to keep the view during the day and add privacy at night.

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