Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds
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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds easily transform the blank canvas of an uncovered window or patio door into a captivating work of art. Fabric or vinyl louvers create just the right visual effect for any decorating style. They come in a variety of fabrics and material. From the flowing appearance of sheer drapes to upscale beauty of designer fabrics, vertical blinds range of options is breathtaking. The louvres come in a variety of shapes and the fabrics range from light filtering to room darkening. No matter what look you are after, vertical blinds can add style to any room.

Vertical Blinds Benefits

  • Vertical Blinds block the sun’s heat, preventing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter by creating an insulating buffer between your home and the outdoors. This insulating effect reduces energy consumption and lowers energy bills.
  • By blocking out the sun’s UV rays, Vertical Blinds also prevent damage to furniture, flooring and belongings, thereby protecting the durability of your home and reducing prematurely sending damaged products to a landfill.
  • Vertical Blinds carry a limited lifetime warranty. These blinds are designed, engineered and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste from short-lived products.
  • Custom cut-outs and specialty headrails are available.
  • Some vertical blinds styles can be coordinated with horizontal blinds to create a finished appearance.
Call Us Now @ (02) 6350815
Call Us Now @ (02) 6350815

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3 thoughts on “Vertical Blinds

  1. My wife and I have been trying to decide what type of blinds to put into our home and we haven’t known what kind would be best. I liked that you had mentioned that vertical blinds can block out UV rays and this stops your furniture from being damaged. We’ll have to start looking for vertical blinds in our area, especially since this is something we’d had a problem with in the past.

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