Horizontal Blinds

Go Direct Enterprise ffer a wide selection of color and design choices. Durable aluminum and vinyl slats provide privacy and light control. Horizontal blinds can offer a sleek, uniform look that will blend with any decorating scheme. Slays come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any room. These are excellent blinds for any budget and can save you money on your next window treatment investment.

Horizontal Blinds Benefits

Horizontal Blinds block the sun’s heat, preventing solar heat gain in the summer, and reducing heat loss in the winter by creating an insulating buffer between you and the outdoors. This insulating effect reduces energy consumption and lowers energy bills.By blocking out the sun’s UV rays, Vinyl Horizontal Blinds also prevent damage to furniture, flooring and belongings, thereby protecting the durability of your home and reducing prematurely sending damaged products to a landfill.Horizontal Blinds carry a limited lifetime warranty.

These blinds are designed, engineered and tested to ensure a long life, reducing landfill waste from short-lived products.Some come with color coordinated cords and components to create a great finished look.Paint finish on slats repels dust, resists scratching and staining by creating a less porous surface.Aluminum blinds stay cleaner longer and even resist mold and mildew. Horizontal blinds are great alternatives for buying blinds on a budget.

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